4th Street House

This historic house on 4th Street in Frenchtown, NJ was built in 1912 on the former site of the Frenchtown Country Club. Chester A. Niece built the house based on plans from Trenton architect William Slack, and lived in it until his passing in 1978 when it was purchased by another family member. In 2014, it was bought by Minette Reading, and then began a top-to-bottom renovation by Dorsey Reading, award winning design/build contractor.

The house was a virtual time capsule, with no changes or upgrades since it’s construction. All of the original hardware and chestnut paneling and trim were still intact, though badly in need of restoration.

All of the mechanical and electrical systems needed to be replaced and modernized. Dorsey and his team carefully upgraded all of the systems, bringing the original house up to modern standards, making it efficient and comfortable. All woodwork and hardware were carefully restored, with missing or damaged pieces replaced to the exact specifications of the originals. New woodwork and cabinets were created in keeping with the style and construction of all the original work. Moravian tile installed in the kitchen and fireplace surround added nice period details.

The house is now beautifully restored, with historic details and character that are quintessentially Frenchtown.